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Rachel Connor

Department: Education, Conferences, AEMPU
Title: Chief Enthusiast
Phone: 970-928-3407

Alma mater: Utah State University

Family: We call ourselves the C-Dogs: My husband and I along with our daughter Madalynn Rae and son Walker John. Our family motto is work hard, play hard.

What I like to do in my off-hours: Mountain bike, ski (on snow), camp, take the boat to Lake Powell, Utah, enjoy family and friends.

I'm known in the office for . . . eating, every hour, at least.

Where I volunteer: I have just completed a five-year term as the Vice President of my children's School Board. I am taking a little break and staying open for the next leadership opportunity in my community.

My superpower: Enthusiasm when inspired….and writing letters of recommendation.

One skill or talent I wish I had: I wish I had beautiful and legible handwriting where all my notes were works of art.

Best piece of advice anyone ever gave me: Follow your heart.

Favorite client experience: Watching our award winners take the stage in front of a crowd and be recognized for their achievements for working hard for all the right reasons and never expecting to be honored for it. They are humble and grateful and it is always such a pleasure to work with people like that.

Professional accomplishment I’m most proud of: Continuing to learn and add tools to my tool belt. You will not find me okay with status quo. I like to learn new and better ways to accomplish goals and that has led to many accomplishments with a variety of programs, processes, and bodies of work over the years. And I’m proud of it all!


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