Industry Coalition for Workforce Development
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The heavy equipment industry, and in particular the fleet intensive company, continues to face the critical challenges of meeting workforce needs in all areas of equipment management -- from technicians to the equipment manager.

The scope and purpose of this coalition is to ensure there is a thriving pipeline of talent and committed professionals to fill the workforce needs of the industry today and well into the future.

Webinar: Recruiting and On-boarding Veterans
Invite your Human Resource Teams to join you for this one hour webinar on  to learn how to implement best practices when recruiting and on-boarding veterans to work within the maintenance and management professions.

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) and the Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) are teamed up to showcase best practices in hiring veterans, national guard members, and reservists for positions in the equipment industry. This webinar features highlights from a customized military veterans hiring guide developed by AEMP, coupled with successful, real world examples of equipment industry stakeholders successfully recruiting from this valuable and skilled workforce.

  • Learn how to more easily network and connect with qualified veteran and military service member candidates to fill job vacancies
  • Understand the skills you can expect the veteran community to have and how they translate to a job in the equipment industry
  • Walk away with a specialized list of third-party organizations, programs, and partners positioned to assist with building and maintaining your veteran hiring programs

Recruitment & Onboarding Resources

Military & General Hiring Tools


AEMP Guide for Hiring Veterans, National Guard Members & Reservists


  • Networking Opportunities,
  • Best Practices,
  • Job Posting Guidenance,
  • Interview Workbooks for managers, HR specialsts

Federal Tax Benefits for Hiring and Employing Veterans, National Guard Members and Reservists

Veteran State-by-State Hiring Guides

  • Wisconsin
  • Colorado
  • Nebraska
  • Pennsylvania
  • More states coming soon

Video: Mission Possible: Finding Qualified Technicians


Job Posting Portals:


  •  American Jobs for America’s Heroes Campaign (AJAH) - a nonprofit alliance with the National Guard, Corporate America Supports You and AEMP's partner, Center for America.  Aimed at helping unemployed Veterans, National Guard members, and Reservists find jobs in the private sector. Your job postings that are provided -- at no cost -- to employment transition counselors in all military branches who match postings with military candidates. More than 2.300 employers are participating. Hundreds of thousands of highly skilled candidates with military experience are looking for full-time jobs and good careers.


  •  American Corporate Partners (ACP) AdvisorNet - American Corporate Partners (ACP) is a national non-profit that provides career mentorships to veterans transitioning out of military service and rejoining the civilian workforce. ACP currently operates two programs for veterans: a formally facilitated mentoring program, and an online networking and career advice forum.  ACP AdvisorNet is an online forum that connects tens of thousands of transitioning veterans to professionals from every industry. Civilian professionals are invited to become Advisors on the site by creating free profiles. They can then interface with veterans in the following ways.


Upskilling & Training Resources

Retention & Succession Planning Resources

Video: Succession Planning: The Blueprint to Success


About the AEMP Industry Coalition for Workforce Development


Our goals are to: 


Drive the Equipment Triangle’s ongoing conversation regarding where the future workforce for the industry will come from by partnering with organizations within our sphere of influence to develop workforce education programs and solutions that will assist equipment managers and their organizations to meet their workforce needs.

Upskill & Retain the Existing Workforce
AEMP will create opportunities for AEMP members and the profession of equipment management to increase the skill level and retention of those in the heavy equipment industry to meet the existing and future needs.

Raise Awareness
AEMP will create a broader awareness of the opportunities that exist for individuals to work within the sphere of heavy equipment management and maintenance. In addition, AEMP will raise awareness of how to build a culture of excellence where all employees thrive, contribute, and grow. 

Veteran Placement

AEMP will educate and prepare our members and the industry to deploy a veteran hiring program within their organization/company and provide best practices in recruiting, hiring and training National Guard Members, Veterans, and Reservists.


AEMP Equipment Triangle Philosophy

The AEMP Equipment Triangle Philosophy ensures all sectors within our industry have equal representation within the AEMP Industry Alliance for Workforce Development. The Equipment Triangle is the cornerstone of AEMP’s philosophy towards the continuing relationship between the End User, Distributor, and OEM/Supplier in the life cycle of a piece of heavy equipment or product.

The Equipment Triangle Philosophy serves to remind those in the heavy equipment industry that in this multitiered relationship everyone is entitled to receive the respect they deserve, and all transactions are to be win‐win for all concerned. Together with AEMP’s Standards of Ethical Conduct, it creates a level playing field for all sides of the Triangle.

This means: From the end user’s perspective, the Equipment Triangle represents the OEM/distributor product support programs that enable the end user to achieve the highest possible availability at the lowest life cycle cost.

From the distributor’s perspective, the Equipment Triangle represents the opportunity for a sustained business relationship, differentiating themselves through problem solving and value added product support services, ensuring that customers achieve the highest possible availability at the lowest life cycle cost.

From the OEM/Supplier’s perspective, the Equipment Triangle relationship rests upon a foundation of trust and mutual respect for each party’s proprietary information. In such a relationship, open and honest communication between the parties gives the OEM a unique opportunity to understand the end user’s needs and thus develop products and support programs that are best suited to meet those needs, thereby gaining or strengthening competitive advantage for all three sides of the triangle.

Awards and Honors: The AEMP Technician of the Year 

Honoring the men and women in our industry is a cornerstone of the AEMP Industry Coalition for Workforce Development. Every year, the Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) celebrates the dedication, hard work, and professionalism of the skilled technicians that keep both public and private fleets running.

The AEMP Education Foundation Technician of the Year Award, sponsored by John Deere Construction & Forestry, is an annual tribute that honors an individual who exemplifies the heavy equipment profession’s best technician. All nominees share these attributes: a commitment to excellence, dedication to professional growth, a willingness to help fellow workers, innovative thinking, a pledge to safety, and professional presence.  


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