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AEMP’s education is focused on building excellence in equipment management and is designed for professionals in the equipment management and equipment supply industries.  Whether you are on the path to certification or simply wish to learn & grow, AEMP provides the highest caliber of experience. Our educational programs support professional development at all levels:

  • Entry-Level – For emerging leaders at the technician, maintenance or administrative level
  • Management – For emerging leaders at the management level
  • Executive – For emerging leaders seeking executive development

We do this in a variety of ways:

  • Conference in-person education - education and networking opportunities for professionals throughout the heavy equipment fleet management sector
  • Career Equipment Fleet Manager (CEFM) Manual
  • AEMP Telematics for Fleet Managers Industry Publication
  • AEMP University:


    Need Equipment Management Career Guidance?

    Schedule a time to meet with one of our educational and career advisors to help you get on track to take your career the next level.  AEMP credentials can help you advance through the ranks at your company and highlight your value to the company to help maximize the bottom line.  Our career advisors can walk you through all the resources and professional development tools AEMP offers as well as connect you with dozens of AEMP mentors actively working in the industry to talk directly with them to hear how they got to where they are today. 

    Connect with an AEMP Career Advisor


    Which track is right for you?

    Pursue the online Equipment Management Specialist (EMS) if you:

    • Are interested in taking the first step toward certification.
    • Have fewer than five years’ experience in equipment management.
    • Are an end user or supplier in the industry.
    • Desire to know, define, identify and recall information presented in the CEFM Manual.

    Pursue Certified Equipment Manager (CEM) or Certified Equipment Support Speciaist (CESP) tracks if you:

    • Have five years or more experience in equipment management or in equipment support.
    • Desire to earn one of the equipment industry’s most respected certifications.
    • Are ready to demonstrate an understanding of the CEFM Manual’s concepts through analysis and application.


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