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The IGNITE Learning Lab is an intense two-and-a-half day learning experience focused on the application of the knowledge gained from the Career Equipment Fleet Manager (CEFM) manual.  While this is not a preparatory course for the Certified Equipment Manager (CEM) or Certified Equipment Support Professional (CESP) examinations, IGNITE will help attendees turn what they have studied into practical skills.  The program includes lectures, group discussion and activities designed to take a ‘deeper dive’ into the knowledge and skills needed for successful equipment managers and equipment support professionals.  IGNITE is an opportunity to immerse the attendee in the first-hand experiences of leading experts as they network with their peers and gain valuable industry insight.


The IGNITE Learning Lab is offered twice a year at AEMP’s March and October conferences. IGNITE your career by signing up for the IGNITE Learning Lab today!

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Take Your Career to the Next Level
In addition to the two-and-a-half day lab, you will have access to the AEMP University IGNITE materials (including a practice exam), a PDF copy of the CEFM manual and will receive weekly emails 6 weeks prior to the course with additional materials and a weekly ‘focus’ to keep the attendee on track with their studies.  This is ideal for those who need some reinforcement while preparing to take the CEM or CESP examination.


Investing in the IGNITE Learning Lab is an opportunity for attendees to become superior equipment professionals.  Those that attend the course are better equipped to apply the knowledge from the CEFM manual leading to a higher overall job performance.  Knowledgeable equipment managers lead to less mistakes and an increased bottom line.  

Not convinced? See what people who have attended the IGNITE Learning Lab have to say about the course:

“This program has opened my eyes and changed my life. It has opened me up to a completely different side of equipment management. Jim Schug did a great job of relating the material in a real-world fashion so I could put the concepts learned into practical use!” - Anonymous

“I will be making this training part of my company’s development continuum for fleet supervisors and maintenance supervisors. Well done and valuable!” - Tom Maxwell, CEM, Henkels & McCoy

“Jim Schug was excellent. His case-study type teaching really makes you think and holds your attention.” - Anonymous

“I have benefitted by learning more about what our top customers in the industry are learning and doing to manage their equipment business. I would definitely recommend this program to people I respect in the industry.” - Zac Shipman, CESP, Western States CAT

The IGNITE Learning Lab is offered twice a year at AEMP’s March and October conferences.  IGNITE your career by signing up for the IGNITE Learning Lab today!

At the conclusion of
IGNITE, you’ll have the opportunity to take the qualifying exam to become an AEMP Certified Equipment Manager or an AEMP Certified Equipment Support Professional.  These leading credentials in equipment management demonstrate your skills, knowledge and experience as an equipment fleet manager or supplier.


For more information, please contact jfowler@aemp.org



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