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Join Us October 22-25 in Kansas City, MO!

Early registration for the AEMP University IGNITE Learning Lab is highly recommended. By registering early, you’ll have time for adequate study of the manual and prep materials. There are 17 primary competencies tested in the CEM and CESP exams. Spending a week studying each of these chapters in the manual and viewing the corresponding courses online will help you prepare to get better results on your exam and a greater overall benefit from the IGNITE program.

The next session of IGNITE will take place October 22-25, in conjunction with AEMP's EquipmentSHIFT Conference. You are encouraged to enroll early and take full advantage of the extra time to study! 

About the AEMP University IGNITE Learning Lab
Equipment Fleet Managers face daily challenges requiring a broad range of skills.  The skills and knowledge they will need to know include:

Equipment maintenance; parts management; technical issues of diesel engines; shop management; inventory control; equipment procurement and specifications; how to negotiate warranties and performance guarantees; correct and effective safety procedures; environmental regulations; human resource management; employee training; life cycle cost analysis; ownership and operating costs; financial statements and budget preparation; how to track performance over time using real data; effective communication with C-suite level executives, other departments within their organizations, and their employees and customers.

The AEMP University’s IGNITE learning lab covers all these challenges to help build your skills as an equipment manager, regardless of your previous education background. The sessions are delivered in an engaging, interactive format backed by the knowledge and experience of instructors who are equipment fleet managers themselves. These professionals understand the complexity of the challenges equipment managers face and are dedicated to improving the resources available to make a difference in your career.

As an attendee of IGNITE, you engage in activities and discussions with your peers. You’ll have opportunities to network with other equipment fleet managers. These contacts can be invaluable when you need input from someone else who does what you do.

 At the conclusion of IGNITE, you’ll have the opportunity to take the qualifying exam to become an AEMP Certified Equipment Manager or an AEMP Certified Equipment Support Professional.  These leading credentials in equipment management demonstrate your skills, knowledge and experience as an equipment fleet manager or supplier.


When you register for IGNITE as a CEM or CESP candidate, you’ll receive a copy of AEMP’s Career Equipment Fleet Manager manual. This text in written in practical terms by experienced fleet managers to address real-life situations. You’ll also receive access to online courses designed to help you prepare for IGNITE and your CEM/CESP certification exam. These courses are intended to fit into your busy life, and can be reviewed as many times as you need.

IGNITE is NOT a “test-prep course” for the CEM/CESP exams. It is intended to expand upon your own study of the recommended materials and offer the benefit of in-person contact with other equipment fleet managers.

For more information, please contact jfowler@aemp.org


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