AEMP Volunteer Coaching Program
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During the 5 days of ConEXPO 2020 (March 10-14), AEMP will launch its inaugural Coaching Program that will provide career advisement and promote AEMP professional development opportunities to individuals that pre-register for defined time-slots. 

Ideal coaching candidates have a desire to not only share the knowledge and experiences that have helped them in their career, but to also help and inspire others to maximize their professional potential.  


The goals of the program are threefold:

1)      To provide an opportunity to new members, individuals new to the equipment management profession and those seeking career advise an opportunity to gain access to seasoned Certified Equipment Managers and professionals in the field.

2)      To involve AEMP Volunteer Coaches in on-boarding new members to the comradery found within the membership.

3)      To provide opportunities for conversations with staff and members that exposes members to the career path that AEMP’s professional development opportunities support at every step. 

Expectations of volunteer coach:

a.       Fill out a coach profile (see link below) to be shared on a “Who are the coaches” webpage.

b.       1 to 3 hours of commitment; session to last 40 mins to 1 hour for a total of 2-3 coaching sessions.

c.       Help in the recruitment of additional volunteer coaches.

d.       Commit to one follow-up phone call with individual.

AEMP will provide coaches with:

a.       Scheduling – All scheduling will be managed through AEMP.  We understand that schedules are still in flux for March of 2020 and we will work with volunteers to finalize your availability in January of 2020.  

b.       Meeting location - Coaches and advisee will meet at the AEMP booth (north hall, centrally located).

c.       Reminders - Text reminders to both coach and advisee.

d.       Support materials – guidelines, FAQs, documentation.  




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