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Are you interested in speaking at one of AEMP's conferences?


Have a topic or area expertise that you would like to share with AEMP members?

Can you:

  • Speak with a unique vision of the profession and industry?
  • Help AEMP members stay ahead of the curve and give them tools to drive and manage change?

AEMP is interested in hearing from you if you have a presentation proposal that accomplishes one or more of the following criteria:

1)  Provides tools, ideas, inspiration or resources to help improve equipment managers' ability to manage people, machines, and finances.

2)  Presents a vibrant vision for the equipment management profession and focuses on the innovations of today, leading to a successful future.  

3) Covers one or more of AEMP’s core competencies across five standards in which equipment management professionals should be well-versed. Our goal is to tie each educational offering back to these core competencies. They are:

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Five Standards

Core Competencies


Financial Management, Risk Management, Procurement & Acquisitions, Warranty & Performance Guarantees

Customer Service

Customer Service


Benchmarking, Life Cycle Cost Analysis, Specifications, Technology


Safety, Employee Training, Human Resource Management, Environmental


Outsourcing, Parts Management, Prevention Maintenance, Shop & Facilities Management


EquipmentSHIFT Oct 13th-15th, 2020 - Cincinnati, OH 

Due February 14th, 2020

Presentations will be considered if they are able to demonstrate that the educational content aligns with the following areas of focus: 

1.      How IoT Data Will Change Equipment Management Jobs  

2.       How to Deploy Technology

3.       Innovation through Experimentation

4.       New Approaches to Consistent Challenges 

5.       New Tools in the Toolbox: Spotlight on New Technology  

If your presentation meets these criteria, please submit your presentation idea to be considered for future meetings.

Submit here please visit this page.


About Your Audience

Who attends AEMP conferences?

The attendees are primarily heavy equipment fleet management professionals whose fleet sizes and levels of expertise vary, though they all strive to stay ahead the curve on trends and issues facing the profession.

Associate members, those who provide services to equipment management professionals, will also be in attendance. All functional areas of equipment management as well as consultants, manufacturers, distributors, and numerous other industry partners have representatives in attendance.

How many people attend each session?

CONNECT: Management Conference and Annual Meeting, held each March

  • Projected attendance for this conference is 300-320 people. There will be three sessions running concurrently and each will have roughly 100 attendees; some will have more, some will have less.

EquipmentSHIFT, held each October

  • Projected attendance for this conference is 260-300 people.  There is one session room where all attendees gather to participate in each education session.  



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