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Are you interested in speaking at one of AEMP's conferences?


Have a topic or area expertise that you would like to share with AEMP members?

Can you:

  • Speak with a unique vision of the profession and industry?
  • Help AEMP members stay ahead of the curve and give them tools to drive and manage change?

AEMP is interested in hearing from you if you have a presentation proposal that accomplishes one or more of the following criteria:

1)  Provides tools, ideas, inspiration or resources to help improve equipment managers' ability to manage people, machines, and finances.

2)  Presents a vibrant vision for the equipment management profession and focuses on the innovations of today, leading to a successful future.  

3) Covers one or more of AEMP’s core competencies across five standards in which equipment management professionals should be well-versed. Our goal is to tie each educational offering back to these core competencies. They are:


Five Standards

Core Competencies


Financial Management, Risk Management, Procurement & Acquisitions, Warranty & Performance Guarantees

Customer Service

Customer Service


Benchmarking, Life Cycle Cost Analysis, Specifications, Technology


Safety, Employee Training, Human Resource Management, Environmental


Outsourcing, Parts Management, Prevention Maintenance, Shop & Facilities Management


If your presentation meets these criteria, please submit your presentation idea to be considered for future meetings. Submit here please visit this page.


We are current soliciting presentation proposals for the following topics:

How to Extend the Life of the Undercarriage

We seek subject matter experts to share the basics and best practices regarding maintenance intervals and wear life of undercarriage systems.  Presentation proposals must help to sharpen the skills and abilities of emerging & seasoned equipment managers to put into practice, while also presenting new & emerging strategies surrounding the management of undercarriage systems. 

Submit here please visit this page.

Heavy Equipment Tire Management

Tires can tell a story and we seek a presenter that can cover not only the basics surrounding the service and management of tires, but also failure dynamics, best operation practices to extend the life of tires, how to interpret wear patterns and the procurement and acquisition of tires. 

Submit here please visit this page.



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