Call for Presentations AEMP's Annual Conference 2019
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Interested in speaking at our Management Conference and Annual Meeting?

Know of a Good Topic or Presenter?

On behalf of the Association of Equipment Management Professionals, we invite our members and knowledgeable experts to submit ideas for the 38th Management Conference and Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, March 8-9, 2020.

AEMP welcomes proposals for educational sessions that address a wide variety of topics important to building excellence in equipment management.  For example:

•  Building the Future of the Equipment Management Workforce: Recruit - Train – Retain

•  Changes and innovations within the industry related to AEMP’s 17 core competencies.

•  Leadership and management strategies in financial, equipment, and personnel management.

•  Marketplace dynamics affecting fleet intensive organizations and how organizations can prepare for tomorrow. 

AEMP’s annual conference attracts a wide array of professionals from across the country for top notch education in the equipment management industry. The Annual Education Committee encourages submission from professionals who have experience in hiring, training, retaining, and fostering leadership in fleet management.

We especially encourage submissions from end users.  If you manage fleets and/or consider yourself a fleet professional (Fleet Manager, Equipment Manager, Fleet Operations Manager, Fleet Services Manager, Equipment Director) we want to hear from you!  AEMP staff members are available to help you develop a high quality presentation for your peers.

Moving forward, we want our educational sessions to feature innovative and interactive formats.  Best practices call for education to actively engage people in their own learning.  This means that session attendees do more than just sit and listen to a speaker.  We want our members to discover new information, build on their own knowledge, and then have the opportunity to apply, analyze, evaluate, and create.  This is done through the use of strategies like audience response, small group discussions, reflection, problem solving, troubleshooting, debate, evaluation, task analysis, and the creation of action plans.


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