AEMP CONNECT 2019: Conference Sponsorship Opportunities
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AEMP’s CONNECT 2019 Opportunities

An AEMP Conference Sponsorship delivers the greatest impact and visibility leading up to, throughout, and following the 37th Management Conference. A variety of sponsorship levels are available exclusively to AEMP members to help you achieve your specific marketing goals. Regardless of the level, you’ll receive hands-on assistance from the AEMP sponsorship team!

By participating in AEMP’s sponsorship programs, you signal your commitment to delivering relevance and value to hundreds of the industry’s leading equipment managers, as well as the fleet intensive organizations It’s more than a marketing play. AEMP’s Management Conference is about creating experiences and wisdom for its attendees that will resonate long after the conference is over!

RUN THE NUMBERS! The Diamond level sponsorship includes one registration (up to $1,645 value). A small jump in price from the Platinum level to the Diamond level is sure to be a win-win solution, offering prime sponsor exposure and a wise Conference investment.

Contact Tony Veroeven at or call: 608-310-5575 to reserve your sponsorship today! All sponsorship opportunities are sold on a first come, first served basis. 

Diamond Level Sponsorships
Achieve the greatest marketing impact possible with these opportunities.
Investment: $7,500+

Tuesday Opening Networking Event. The 37th Management Conference will kick-off with a special opening networking event on Tuesday, March 19 at the Rosen Plaza Hotel. Attendees will gather with friends new and old during this highly-attended event ensuring the sponsor receives extraordinary recognition.

Hotel Room Key and Sleeve. All guests at the Rosen Plaza Hotel will receive a custom branded hotel key card as they check in under the official AEMP hotel block. Sponsor this item and you’ll be “in the pocket” of every conference attendee! Production included. - SOLD -

Mobile App. Attendees will access the conference program, session details and exhibit information via the mobile app on their smart phones, tablets or the web. The sponsor’s logo will be featured on the home page of the app and is guaranteed to be seen by all who use it. Production included. 

Thursday Lunch. The Fleet Masters awards are presented to two outstanding equipment professionals who excel in meeting the unique challenges inherent in cost-effective, efficient and effective management of mixed fleets.

All attendees are invited to participate in this unique recognition lunch on Thursday, March 21 at 12:15 p.m. - SOLD -

Platinum Level Sponsorships
Hone in on your target audience with these opportunities.
Investment: $5,000+

Wednesday Reception. This special themed event the evening of Wednesday, March 20 will provide excellent networking opportunities with the top fleet managers in America! - SOLD -

Lanyards. Meeting-themed lanyards will be distributed to each attendee at registration. The sponsor’s logo will be featured on the lanyard and is sure to generate great exposure as participants are required to wear name badges throughout the duration of the conference. Production included. - SOLD -

WiFi. Internet access will be available to conference attendees at the Rosen Plaza Hotel. Opportunities for sponsor recognition include featuring the sponsor’s logo on the WiFi landing page, the option to customize access login credentials such as the username and/or password, which will plant your brand in the minds of every attendee. Complete scope of sponsor options to be confirmed pending venue capabilities. Production included.

Tossable Q&A Mics. To amp up audience participation at the conference, we’re ditching the hand-held audience mic for one that can be tossed and bounced from question to question in the general session room. A conversation starter for sure! The tossable mics will be branded with the sponsor’s corporate logo and used throughout the conference. Production included. - SOLD -

Wednesday Lunch. AEMP recognizes the Hall of Fame Award recipient, an individual who has played a tremendous role in AEMP’s success during lunch on Wednesday, March 20 at 12:30 p.m. - SOLD -

Gold Level Sponsorships
Achieve the greatest marketing impact possible with these opportunities.
Investment: $3,500+

Wednesday Keynotes

Morning Keynote: The opening session will highlight communication secrets from expert negotiator, Misha Glouberman. He will spark vital conversations with participants and leave you feeling energized! - SOLD -

Afternoon Keynote: The afternoon General Session is focused on the State of the Economy. What impact has the current economy had on the heavy equipment industry? What kind of key indicators can you watch to plan your capital investments, staffing, and operating budgets? Hear expert economist Chris Kuehl weigh in on issues affecting your future. - SOLD -

Thursday Keynotes

Morning Keynote: Tim Lawrence of SkillsUSA and Mark Poeschl of FFA will discuss the workforce development during their session titled “Education + Industry - Where is the Future Workforce Coming From.”

Afternoon Keynote: The afternoon General Session is presented by Jimmy Greene, CEO/President, ABC Greater Michigan Chapter. Jimmy will lead the discussion on the impact of diversity on the workforce of today and tomorrow. - SOLD -

Daily Refreshment Breaks (2). There will be several light refreshment breaks throughout the programming on Wednesday, March 20 and Thursday, March 21. Two all-day opportunities available!

Silver Level Sponsorships
Create an immediate impact with these high-profile opportunities
Investment: $2,500

Wednesday Breakfast. Attendees are invited to the State of the Association Breakfast on Wednesday, March 20 at 7 a.m. - SOLD -

Thursday Breakfast. A special breakfast to recognize newly certified members on Thursday, March 21 at 7:45 a.m. - SOLD -

Bronze Level Sponsorships
Leave a lasting impression with thes targeted opportunities
Investment: $1,000

Early Bird Coffees (2). AEMP members are known for their early morning, get’er done approach to work. Join these early risers for coffee! - 1 SOLD, 1 REMAINS -

Ignite! The Ignite program is a highly intimate, intense three-day program designed to help career equipment managers take the first step towards earning the coveted CEM® and CESP®. 

All Sponsorship Features

The chart below provides a recap of all the value-added features of each sponsorship. These features include:

EquipmentMANAGER Online. Several special features are within this bi-weekly online magazine featuring the latest editorial content specifically focused on equipment management, over 48 stories per year!

  • EquipmentMANAGER Ads. Your ad in 415px X 250 px.
  • EquipmentMANAGER White Paper. We’ll publish your solution to equipment management issues, up to 1,500 words, with the opportunity to have it included in the new Journal of Equipment Management.
  • EquipmentMANAGER Product Spotlights. We’ll feature a brief spotlight (150) words on a product or service of your choosing.

The Journal of Equipment Management. This annual publication will be a year in review for AEMP. Your full page ad will be a part of over 175 pages of timely articles and stories and all things related to fleet management and AEMP!

Tabletop Exhibit. Only 17 tabletop exhibits will be available for this year’s event. Your company will be front and center to all breaks and receptions during the conference. And no hassle with shipping booths and materials! These unique tabletops will be on beautifully draped 30” cocktail rounds.

Website Recognition. A special page at AEMP.ORG will feature your logo, linked to your site.

Meeting App. All sponsors will be listed in AEMP’s meeting app, the only place to find a schedule of events, handouts, and of course, YOU!

Event Signage. Custom signage with your company logo included.

Event Recognition. Your logo is featured in a looping slideshow between sessions. Diamond and Platinum sponsors receive podium recognition and opportunity for a representative to do a two-minute intro before 

Virtual Registration Bag. Your handouts and PDF Brochures available within the mobile app. 

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