Certified Equipment Manager (CEM)
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Certified Equipment Manager

The CEM designation is the premiere professional credential for managers of off-road heavy equipment fleets or managers of municipal government fleets. Equipment managers with five years or more of experience who meet the CEM prerequisites may apply by completing the CEM application.

Areas of Competency Tested
A certified equipment manager possesses mastery in the following areas:

Financial Management
Procurement & Acquisitions
Risk Management
Warranty & Performance Guarantees

Life Cycle Cost Analysis
Information Technology

Employee Training
Human Resources

Parts Management
Preventive Maintenance
Shop and Facility Management

Customer Service

Applicants for the CEM examination must meet the criteria outlined in the CEM application.

The CEM exam is available twice annually in conjunction with AEMP conferences and on-demand via computer-based testing at approved test centers.

Contact Jackie Fowler, jfowler@aemp.org for more information about earning your CEM!.


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