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Become a Certified Equipment Manager (CEM)


Why you should designate yourself as a Certified Equipment Manager (CEM):

The CEM designation is the only recognized standard for judging the qualifications of managers of heavy off-road equipment and municipal and governmental fleets.  Attaching the CEM designation takes personal motivation and dedication to professionalism. It demonstrates to others (including your company’s leadership) that you possess a mastery of fleet management skills and have proven your ability to interact on a professional level in all fleet-related disciplines.


The CEM examination has been designed to test the applicant’s knowledge based on the following five standards and seventeen core competencies:
In order to sit for the CEM examination you must have a minimum of five years’ experience in equipment management and an accumulation of 25 points based on your experience (see application for details).

To obtain approval, email Kim Siebecker at ksiebecker@aemp.org your application packet to include the following:

  • Completed CEM application (with an accumulation of 25 points)
  • A copy of your resume/CV
  • Letter of recommendation from a supervisor or colleague
  • Personal statement about why you’d like to become a CEM

AEMP will review the completed application packet and email you once you are approved to sit for the examination.


Preparing to Sit for the Certified Equipment Manager Examination:

CEM candidates can choose to study the Certified Equipment Fleet Manager Manual on their own.  However, we encourage CEM candidates to also enroll in AEMP University’s IGNITE Learning Lab offered in March and October each year. This program provides learning materials and support for individuals seeking the CEM or CESP designations.

This package includes:

  • AEMP’s Career Equipment Fleet Manager manual
  • AEMP University’s online study materials (including a practice exam)
  • Admission to the IGNITE Learning Lab two-and-a-half-day interactive course

Enrollment in the IGNITE Learning Lab is not required to earn your CEM designation but it is encouraged.  The CEM examination coincides with our conferences and take place following the completion of the IGNITE Learning Lab should you chose to take the examination following the course.

If you choose not to enroll in IGNITE but still want to study the CEFM manual, you can purchase it separately for $295 through the AEMP online store here: CEFM manual.

The CEM examination is designed to test the full extent of your knowledge and skills in equipment management and consists of 150 multiple choice questions to answer in a four-hour period.  We recommend 4-5 hours spent on each chapter of the CEFM manual.  After your application is approved and you have sufficiently studied you can sign up to sit for the examination at one of our main conferences in March or October.  If you are unable to attend one of our conferences you may sit for the examination at a certified test center (additional testing center fees apply).  Please note, you’ll be required to show a government issued photo ID when you sign in for the examination.  You are allowed to use a simple calculator and scratch paper if you wish, but books, cell phones, and internet access are not allowed as the CEM is a closed book examination.  You must score at least a 74% to pass the CEM examination.


Overall Costs of the CEM Certification:

Contact AEMP today at for any questions regarding getting your CEM designation.


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