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AEMP and Construction Equipment Announce the 2020 Fleet Masters

Thursday, March 12, 2020   (0 Comments)
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The Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) and Construction Equipment presented the Fleet Master Awards in a celebration on March 10, 2020 during the CONEXPO-CON/AGG Conference in Las Vegas, recognizing organizations that excel in cost-effective management of mixed fleets of on- and off-road mobile equipment.

The Fleet masters award is a prestigious, national honor meant to bring attention and recognition to all equipment professionals and their teams. These professionals, through their everyday duties, excel in meeting the unique challenges inherent in delivering cost-effective management of mixed fleets of on- and off-road equipment.

The entries were judged based on five major areas within their operations:

* Finance
* Information management
* Policies
* Controls
* And customer service

There were four worthy finalists this year: Montclair State University, Kwest Group, Manatee County, and SGL Constructors.  

The 2020 Fleet Master Award for Small Fleets was presented to the Kwest Group, and the 2020 Fleet Master Award for Large Fleets was presented to Manatee County, Florida. Frank Raczon of Construction Equipment presented the awards.

Kwest Group Highlights
Kwest has grown rapidly in the past 19 years, but the nature of that growth meant departments other than the equipment department often needed more attention. This past year, it was equipment’s turn. And the results have been outstanding. At the beginning of 2019, complications with hardware and software had the telematics reporting on Kwest’s yellow iron at a mere 20 percent of the fleet. The equipment team tackled these challenges and by year-end, 99 percent of the fleet was reporting, including pickup trucks, dump trucks, and trailers.

They also developed their own app to track and maintain all equipment requests, maintenance issues, small tools, machine movement and equipment availability. All foremen and superintendents use the app and information is sent directly to the equipment team to address action in the field in real time. This alone has saved Kwest millions of dollars in excessive rental equipment, forgotten items, lost small tools, and unnecessary purchasing.

Manatee County Highlights
One of the initiatives from 2019 was rewriting the fleet’s replacement policy and updating its technical assessment to follow national automotive auction association guidelines. The updated replacement policy allowed manatee to quickly evaluate, appraise current value, and prepare specifications so it was ready to proceed with all replacement acquisition orders at the beginning of the fiscal year. This in turn resulted in successfully attaining an additional $995,000 in capital replacement funding and maintenance cost savings of $200,000 during the first fiscal year.

In the past year Manatee's fleet employees gave back to their local community in both time and resources, donating hundreds of hours to the county’s United Way campaign and raising over $100,000 to support those in need in Manatee County’s communities.

Congratulations to both the Kwest Group and Manatee County for this prestigious and well deserved honor.

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