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AEMP CONNECT Conference Session Highlight: NEW ANSI A92 Mobile Elevating Work Platform Standards

Thursday, February 21, 2019   (0 Comments)
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The ANSI A92.22-2018 standard for the safe use of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) was published in December 2018. Due to the required changes for all industry stakeholders included in the safe-use and A92.24 training standard, the standards go into effect December 2019 to allow time to implement.

From a very practical perspective, anyone who uses a work platform must become aware of the requirements for application, inspection, training, maintenance, repair and safe operation defined in the standard. 

The standard defines a user as “an entity that has care, custody and control of the MEWP”. In addition to the user, the standard refers to manufacturers, dealers, owners, supervisors, operators and occupants who have their own distinct responsibilities. 

Safe use begins before the machine is placed into service, being designed and manufactured to meet the requirements to the A92.20 design standard.  When purchased for use, the owner must complete the maintenance, inspections and repairs as specified in the standard, to include scheduled maintenance, pre-delivery inspections, frequent and annual inspections, required repairs, use of equivalent to original MEWP parts or components, and compliance with safety-related bulletins from the manufacturer.

Once a properly maintained machine is secured, the requirements of the A92.22 MEWP safe use standard begins for the user. The A92.22 safe use standard requires a safe use program specific to MEWPs. The safe use program must be developed by the user and must incorporate 11 topics defined in the standard. 

The safe use standard focuses on the requirements to ensure the safe and effective use of MEWPs. The MEWP safe use program must address a site risk assessment that requires the identification of the task to be undertaken, selection of the appropriate MEWP to perform the task and other considerations such constraints of the worksite, ground conditions, site access and proximity to the public or other workers.

A critical part of the risk assessment is the identification of potential risk associated with the task and MEWP operations. Once identified, control measures must be defined and a plan for safe operations defined and implemented. A critical component to include is assessment, preparation and maintenance of the site, as required, to include an assessment that the support surface is adequate to support the weight of the MEWP.

Included in the risk assessment is the requirement for a rescue plan. As MEWP are equipped with ground controls and an emergency lowering system, such as auxiliary power, a key part of the plan is training ground personnel to be familiar with lowering controls in case of an emergency.

The ANSI standards have always required qualified operators to complete the assigned tasks. The A92 standards specify that operators must have completed MEWP general operator training as defined in the new training standard and be familiarized on the model in use. The new standards added the requirement for operators to provide occupant knowledge. The user must ensure occupant knowledge is provided by the operator or by other means

One of the most significant added requirements for users is training for MEWP supervisors. A supervisor is defined as “an entity assigned by the user to monitor operator performance and supervise their work”. If you have anyone who you authorize to operate a MEWP, you must have someone assigned to supervise them and be trained as defined in the A92.24 training standard,

Supervisor training must include identifying the correct MEWP for the work to be performed, the knowledge of the rules, regulations and standards that apply to MEWPs, potential hazards associated with use of MEWPs and methods to mitigate their risk, and knowledge that the manufacturer's operation manuals are an integral part of the equipment and need to be stored properly in the weather resistant compartment on the MEWP, and following the recommendations.

The safe use program also requires that the user help ensure the safety of persons not involved in the operation of the MEWP. Consideration must be taken for workers and the public who can be exposed to potential hazards in the MEWP work area. Maintaining a safe work area below and around the MEWP can prevent persons and objects from being struck-by the MEWP itself or objects that may fall from the elevated work platform or work being performed. 

MEWPs are the safest means to provide temporary access to work at height; they are exceptionally well designed and manufactured tools. The user has the ultimate responsibility to ensure their personnel who are supervisors, operators, occupants or service technicians are qualified as defined in the A92 standard to perform the required task. The ANSI A92.22 safe use standard defines clearly what is required to achieve this goal.

On March 2 from 2:45-4:15pm you are invited to an educational session “NEW ANSI A92 Mobile Elevating Work Platform Standards: Understanding the Impact and YOUR Responsibilities”. AEMP has assembled a panel of 5 industry experts to provide a summary of changes and spend the majority of the session answering YOUR questions.  Please submit in advance any questions on the topic to to have your questions answered at the session. Questions will be accepted at the session as well.

We look forward to seeing you in Orlando!



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