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Message from the AEMP Board President: Winter Time, Planning Time

Tuesday, January 1, 2019   (1 Comments)
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Greg Peet, CEM - AEMP Chairman of the Board, 2018-19


As I write this article, 2018 is coming to a close and I’ve completed and turned in my 2019 business plan.   I’ve chosen to write about this because the business planning process is a great exercise which causes me to take a critical look at the accomplishments of our equipment company as well as any shortcomings and to consider what our objectives will be for the coming year.  In our case our business plan includes a written recap of 2018, a narrative on the construction and equipment markets and our financial plan for the coming year shown side-by-side with our performance over the past two years.  It also contains a SWOT analysis, a listing of our 2019 KPI’s and safety objectives as well as any new initiatives and a description of how we will address two strategic initiatives identified by our parent company.  Lastly it incorporates our capital expenditures plan for 2019 as well as 2020-2022.  Lots of stuff!

There is a great deal of thought and effort that goes into this process.  You and your company may go through something similar or maybe it isn’t required at all.  If that’s the case I would suggest that you consider doing something like this on your own.  Your response may be to say that you think I’ve been sniffing too much starting fluid but my point is one that you’re very familiar with.  Unless you think about where you’ve been and how you got there, and if you don’t identify where it is you want to take your equipment enterprise, you’ll never get there.  Goals and objectives aren’t real unless you write them down and hold yourself and your equipment team accountable!   

There is never a dull moment as an equipment manager.  Because our businesses are located in the Midwest and subject to a lot of seasonality, wintertime is when we focus on other types of planning as well.  Along with being responsible to own, manage and maintain our heavy construction equipment fleet, my team and I are also responsible for the management of our on-highway vehicle fleet.  In our case this means quite a few heavy and medium duty trucks as well as a large number of utility body trucks and service vans as well as some passenger cars.  One of the projects we have undertaken this winter is to streamline and improve our new vehicle requisition, ordering and tracking process.  We think this will be a big win for us going forward as it will standardize our process and provide a savings of time as well as improve our vehicle reporting capabilities.

And then there is a planned upgrade to our telematics system, planning for our winter tire survey and much more.  So as you go through your processes this winter, whatever they may be, know that you aren’t alone.  Equipment managers all over are performing similar tasks.  One of the ways we can support and learn from one another is through involvement in AEMP.  The conference education and networking opportunities have been invaluable for me and the best part has been getting involved in committees and leadership to help shape the future of the association and the industry.

I wish you and your fleet team all the best in 2019 and hope to see you in March in Orlando!  Click here for conference registration information >>


Jack Butler says...
Posted Friday, January 11, 2019
I have been ask to serve as an advisor to Pioneer Career School to develop a heavy equipment operator program, I welcome input from fellow AEMP members. Thank you Jack Butler 419-543-0201 Lexington Ohio


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