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Wednesday, September 26, 2018   (0 Comments)
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A year ago, when we met prior to the EquipmentSHIFT conference in San Antonio, the technology committee consisted of a large group of very engaged individuals interested in the promotion of equipment technology within our various industries which utilize heavy equipment as tools to support our businesses. During this meeting it was discussed and decided that the group could become more effective if it were to be divided into four smaller sub committees addressing individual issues. These sub-committees consisted of the following:

-Education Sub Committee (led by Brian Connolly, CEM) is charged with advising the two conference committees, the University committee, and the Editorial committee of recommended topics.

-Verification Sub Committee (led by Kris Hay, CEM) is charged with determining the next steps for the deployment of the online testing program. To date there have been some issues that have arisen preventing deployment that need to be addressed for an anticipated deployment.

-Advanced Standards Sub Committee (led Casey Dowling, CEM) is working with AEM in bringing along a crane standard and a MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform) standard. The charge of this group is to determine what AEMP should be doing in this regard.

-Digital Dimensions Sub Committee (led by Tim Giggee, CEM) is currently studying the viability of a new conference built around training equipment managers and IT staff in a fleet intensive company how to work in partnership to best build a technology strategy for their fleet.

Since this meeting, there has been a lot happening within these various work groups and here are few highlights that I would like to share with you:

-Education group has been very engaged with the various conference committees providing feedback and content for the upcoming meetings. The agenda for the upcoming EquipmentSHIFT conference in Columbus is a very good example of their participation and hard work.

-Verification Committee has been working toward a scalable solution to test the AEMP data feed from various suppliers to verify that the data is usable by end user programs as well as 3rd party dashboards.

-Advanced Standards Committee current activities include; collaborating with AEM, they have been working toward the finalization of ISO certification for version 2 of the AEMP Telematics Standard, as well as finalizing data points for an upcoming crane telematics data standard. Once the crane standard nears completion, it is expected that a MEWP standard will follow shortly.

-The Digital Dimensions group has been meeting regularly working toward a focus group meeting in Columbus, prior to the EquipmentSHIFT conference, to include IT professionals and equipment management professionals. The intent of this meeting is to finalize plans for a conference that will include business leaders of fleet intensive companies.  The goal is to provide tools and ideas to help leverage data provided by machine telematics.

So, as you can see, there has been a lot of activity over the course of this past year with many good things down the road. Looking forward, there has been a lot of buzz around autonomous and augmented technologies as well as connected technologies, i.e.: operations connected with safety/personnel protection or connected jobsites where operations is connected with design and production. Also, with the rules around electronic driver logs going into effect late last year, there has been a great deal of interest in ELD solutions as well as the flurry of activity within the FMSCA regarding tweaks to the hours of service rules.

These subjects, and many more will be discussed during the upcoming EquipmentSHIFT conference in Columbus so if you need to get yourself up to speed, this is the place to be!


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