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AEMP Technology Highlight: Telematics for Your Head

Wednesday, May 3, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: AEMP
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As an association, we have focused on providing professional development opportunities for our members on technology and telematics to track equipment assets and monitor operator behavior to maximize operations. A new company in Washington, D.C. has developed a way for construction managers to track their human assets.

FOX5 in Washington, D.C. posted this video explaining how construction companies in the D.C. area are using data to stay on budget.

Systems like these combine RFID technologies with cell and tablet platforms to track workers, their companies, and the activities of each RFID tag. 

Each tradesperson is assigned an RFID tag that is typically attached to their hardhat or identification badge. The data collections system found in these solutions creates an electronic 'bubble' that collects the real-time data from each tag, then sends the data to the 'cloud' where it can be accessed by selected management via cell phone or tablet.

Dashboards provide a real-time overview of the projects, including detailed reports of hours planned and hours expended, broken down by division, individual company, or tradesperson. The system's dashboard shows which projects and contractors are on schedule and which are falling behind. The software allows the user company to choose which workers and/or companies to track and set the parameters for each, such as a subcontractor's budgeted hours. Using this example, when the system sees the sub's hours are out of alignment, an alert is sent to designated devices.

Reporting features allow for downloadable reports that will show who was on the jobsite, when, and for how long. If an emergency situation requires the site to be evacuated, the system will show which workers may still be on the site.

RFID technology has been part of telematics systems for equipment assets for some time now. Companies are now finding ways to keep track of human assets as well.

It is a brave new world out there and as Equipment Management professionals we need to stay on top of these types of innovations found within our industry.  With that said, being able to knowledgeably evaluate technology solutions like this and find ways to integrate them (or not) into our jobsite operations can maximize the bottom line.  


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