Green Fleet Certification

Across the country, consumers are demanding green products and services. Fleets are viewed by the public as leading contributors to greenhouse gas emission.  To bring a more accurate impression of heavy equipment fleets to the public, AEMP aims to recognize to those fleets and fleet managers who actively pursue a greener fleet, giving those fleets an edge in the industry.

The AEMP membership is close to the industry pulse. Facing an atmosphere with ever increasing and ever changing emissions requirements, fleets are all too often not recognized for the progress they’ve made over the decade and are in need of a way to demonstrate to their clients that they have taken steps to reduce emissions. AEMP is answering this industry need by recognizing a range of green fleet levels and encouraging those same fleets to take their commitment a step further.

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The goals of the AEMP Green Fleet recognition are:

  1. Provide recognition for steps taken to reduce emissions.
  2. Provide incentives for companies seeking to reduce emissions.
  3. Using CARB guidelines, create a challenging, yet achievable goal for equipment managers to attain.

Application Process

Fleets will first complete the application form, providing required information and submit it to AEMP. All diesel vehicles over 25hp need to be listed on the application form. Once the application is reviewed and the Green Level is determined, the applying fleet will be given recognition.

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Status Requirements

AEMP recognizes four Green Levels with the following requirements for 2015-16 Certification:

  • 2015-16 Bronze Status: fleet meets minimum of 50% T2+ & 10% T3+ and a Written Idle Policy
  • 2015-16 Silver Status: fleet meets minimum 50% T2+ & 25% T3+ and a Written Idle Policy
  • 2015-16 Gold Status: fleet meets minimum 75% T2+ & 50% T3+ & 5% T4 and a Written Idle Policy
  • 2015-16 Platinum Status: fleet meets minimum  75% T2+ & 50% T3+ & 10% T4 & 3% Alt Fuels and a Written Idle Policy


By implementing the AEMP Green Fleet Recognition project the industry will realize the following benefits:

  1. Improved perception among the public,
  2. By aiming for higher Green levels, the AEMP Green Fleet initiative can give a company a solid goal to attain, thus reducing the overall carbon footprint.
  3. Green Fleet recognition will enhance the fleet’s regional reputation, brand recognition and standing as a leader within the local community.
  4. Voluntary green fleet investment allows fleets to take advantage of federal funds to relieve costs associated with reducing emissions.
  5. A boost employee health, morale and productivity. A decrease in emissions has been shown to reduce absenteeism and increase productivity.

Application Cost and Program Information:

Email questions to Cindy Challis Orr
or call: 970-928-3403