Call For Presentations
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Are you interested in speaking at one of AEMP's conferences?

AEMP's Annual Meeting Education Committee and EquipmentSHIFT Committee are extending a call for presentations for our future meetings.  New topics, sessions, and speakers are not only welcomed, but encouraged!

Please complete the form below to be considered for future speaking opportunities.

AEMP Prerequisites For Presenters

AEMP educational sessions are used to the benefit of our members in the spirit of the Equipment Triangle.  We welcome presenters from all legs of the triangle and desire that such education furthers the endeavors of the asset management professional without the need to engage in negative communications or disparage any other member, partner or associate.  Presenters must agree to adhere to the AEMP Standards of Ethical Conduct.

The following items reflect our intention to promote high educational value to our members:

• All materials that will be presented during educational sessions at AEMP conferences shall be submitted in advance and are subject to approval and confirmation by AEMP staff and the education committee.

• Presentations must be generic in nature and must not contain direct comparisons between any other manufacturer’s, distributor’s or supplier’s product or service.  Indirect comparison references would be allowed provided the statements or claims are general in nature.

• A competitor’s name cannot be mentioned or presented in any material for any purpose of comparison.

• It is understood by the presenter that the mission and objective of our educational sessions is to advance the fleet management professional by continuing education in the 17 core competencies as outlined by the AEMP University. (See

• The proper venues for sales opportunities at our conferences exist by participation at the exhibit or by networking with the members.  To maintain respect of the membership, promoting company specific products or services in the educational presentations is strictly prohibited.

We request that all presenters submit a personal bio with a 75 word min & a 150 word max.

We request that all speakers provide a list of the anticipated key takeaways the audience will learn from the session.
AEMP has identified the following core competencies as the most essential areas in which equipment management professionals should become well versed.  Our goal is to tie every educational offering back to these core competencies.  Please review the list below to identify ALL competencies to which your proposed session may relate.


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