It’s a big world.  And it’s an even bigger job.

That’s why AEMP is making the Certified Equipment Manager (CEM) exam available in over 165 countries around the world and throughout the United States.

How does it work?

The CEM is the industry’s recognized standard for showing the qualifications of a manager of heavy off-road equipment fleets or municipal/government fleets. It’s based on 5 standards identified by AEMP as necessary to being an effective fleet manager. Global exam participants will receive a PDF of the Career Equipment Fleet Manager Manual and access to additional online preparation with courses at AEMP University,

For the Global Exam process, you must anticipate a minimum of 3 months.  See the chart below for a general timeline of the process.



The CEM exam will be available at a secure testing site certified by the National College Testing Association, a nationwide association of professional exam proctors. Please contact Sharon Young to find an approved test center near you.


Exam times can be scheduled “on demand” after October 15, 2015 according to individual needs and test center sites.


The online study courses and globally proctored Certified Equipment Manager (CEM) exam costs are:

Professional Organizational members: $
Professional Individual members: $
Virtual members: $
Registered members: $
Non-members: $

Download the CEM Application

To purchase the CEM program or to begin the enrollment process, call or email Sharon Anderson Young  at 970-928-3405