The CESP Designation

The Certified Equipment Support Professional (CESP) designation is a recognized standard for judging the qualifications of a supplier of equipment for private/municipal/government fleets. It is an attainable goal for equipment suppliers who want to be identified as exceptional. To achieve this goal it takes personal motivation and depends on dedication to professionalism and acceptance of the challenge.

Areas of Competency Tested

The purpose of the CESP examination is to provide a high standard of certification to a professional supplier who possesses a depth of understanding of fleet management skills, and who demonstrates the ability to interact on a professional level with all fleet-related professionals.

For purposes of the CESP exam, the description of a Certified Equipment Support Professional is a professional supplier from an OEM or dealer network who has demonstrated competency of:

Financial Management Benchmarking Employee Training Outsourcing Service Definitions
Procurement & Acquisition Life Cycle Environmental Parts Management Service Marketing
Risk Management Specifications Human Resources Preventive Maintenance Communications
Warranty & Performance Guarantees Information Technology Safety Shop & Facility Management Service Improvement

Applicants for the examination must meet the criteria outlined in the CESP application.

Certification Institute Tuition

Organization members tuition is $1,445.  For non-members, Certification Institute tuition is $1,795.

Download the CESP Application

To purchase the CESP program or to begin the enrollment process call or email  Sharon Anderson Young at 970-928-3405