In 2013 representatives from AEMP and the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) agreed on an expanded set of asset data points and fault codes to be included in the original AEMP Telematics Standard. The new AEM/AEMP Standard has 19 data points and 42 fault codes.

This data is provided to the end user via an Application Program Interface (API) data sharing standard. It includes standardized communication protocols for the ability to transfer of telematics information in mixed equipment fleets to end user business enterprise systems, enabling the end-user to employ their own business software to collect and then analyze asset data from mixed equipment fleets without the need to work across multiple telematics provider applications.

See the preliminary list of Data Elements and Fault Codes

To Receive the New Standard

The Standard is currently in the final stages of development by a technical group of End Users and OEMs.  At this point there is no set date to go live with the Standard, however, in the coming days you will be able to receive a Beta version for review.  A final version of this Standard should be available no later than the end of 2014.  With any new way of doing business, and software in general, this Standard will have continuous updates.  We recommend checking back for version control.

Once the Beta version becomes available AEMP and AEM will provide it to you via one location.  To receive this Beta and subsequent versions, you must register.  Registering ensures that you will receive the ongoing updates to the Beta version prior to the final standard being issued.

To receive the Beta Version of the New Standard as soon as it becomes available, Register Here.