Technician Scholarships

Does heavy equipment inspire you? Do you enjoy taking things apart and problem-solving to put them back together? If so, then you might think about a career as a heavy equipment technician.


Benefits of a career as a heavy equipment technician include:

• Extremely high demand.
• Outstanding pay.
• Excellent career path opportunities.

The AEMP Foundation offers thousands of dollars in scholarships to students attending qualified schools offering a two-year diesel technician program. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to build a career around something you love.

How much are scholarships worth?

Every year, the AEMP Foundation awards numerous scholarships valued at up to $2,000 each. Recipients must meet academic requirements each semester to continue to qualify and renew on a yearly basis.

How do I apply?

Simply fill out the application. Please contact the AEMP Foundation offices at 970-928-3407 if you have any questions about this form.


The last day applications are accepted is May 1st.


Call 970-384-0510